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Why Adinkra Jewelry?

Handmade in Ghana

Here at Adinkra Jewelry, authenticity is everything. We felt that it would not pay homage to our rich culture to place the production of our artifacts in the hands of others. Therefore we employ local smiths and artisans here in Ghana who understand the cultural relevance of our products to design and produce our pieces.

Responsible Labor

At Adinkra Jewelry, we've taken an oath to support healthy, happy & financially beneficial working conditions. We directly employ the original smiths of our ancient jewelery with fair wages and give tribute to the royals who have adorned them for generations. No part of our supply chain is left out, and we're always working to do better.

Cultural Education

Before you wear our pieces, we strive for you to know the history and significance of what you wear and of the people who craft them. It's not just a trendy fashion statement, it's a historical piece that connects us to a lineage of black culture going back thousands of years.