Our pieces are not just fashion statements but they are cultural artifacts that conjoin the holder to African royalty and history that stretches over thousands of years.

Here at Adinkra Rings, our primary mission is to connect the Afro-diaspora abroad to their rich rooted culture through intrinsic jewelry and educational empowerment. Our belief is that as we connect the Diaspora we will also be able to empower our local African economy and increase the perception of items that come out of Ghana and most importantly Africa.

We are the descendants of the royals who have walked over the rich soil, established kingdoms and knew of the one God by His name before any foreigner told them so. 

We believe in the stories of old, those carried out by our ancestors who've laid the foundation of our culture and society today. The wise narrative that connects us to nature and helps understand our neighbor. All rooted within our DNA, no one can tell us differently.

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